Each summer, Rochester residents flock to Foster Arend beach to soak up the sun and cool off in the water on hot sunny days. However, a day at the beach was extremely difficult, if not impossible, for those in our community that are in wheelchairs or have mobility challenges.

We've got to give major props to the City of Rochester's Park and Rec. Department for addressing that with a new addition to Foster Arend that will make accessing the beach a lot easier. Below you'll see what they've added to make sure everyone can enjoy the beach all summer.

Accessible Path and Beach Mat at Foster Arend Beach

On its Facebook page, the City Parks and Rec Department announced the new addition, "An Accessible Path and Beach Mat are being installed at Foster Arend Beach this week. We hope this will be helpful for those with mobility challenges in our community!" The next time you go to the beach you'll see the path and blue mat pictured below.

Rochester Park and Rec
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Rochester Park and Rec

One resident commented on Facebook to thank the Park and Rec. Department and said this will allow her family to return to the beach, "This is truly amazing! Thank you Parks and Rec! My daughter and I used to go to Fosters every day in the summer… since having a disabled son… we barely go because it is getting to be a production with his wheelchair! THANK YOU for making our favorite summer spot more accessible for those in our community that have mobility challenges!"

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