This Friday is actually getting freaky — because Freaky Friday 2 really is going to happen.

After months of rumors, it looks like the sequel to the hit 2003 film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter who swap bodies, which was itself a remake of the 1976 film of the same name starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, is really in the works. (Both films are based on a 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both Curtis and Lohan “who starred in the original, are in negotiations to reprise their roles as the mother and daughter combo who find themselves switching bodies and lives.” Nisha Ganatra has been picked to direct the movie. She previously directed the movies Late Night and The High Note, and has worked on television shows like Dear White PeopleAndy Just Like That..., and Welcome to Chippendales.


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Lohan and Curtis have made no secret of their interest in a sequel in the last few years. Discussions around the movie at Disney picked up in November of 2022. When Curtis was out promoting another long-awaited sequel, Halloween Ends, she said that “people wanted to know if there was going to be another Freaky Friday. Something really touched a chord. When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.” So if it does all come together, it sounds like we’ve all got her to thank for this.

Without knowing the specifics, it does seem like an idea with some potential. Lohan is roughly the age that Curtis was at the time of the original movie — and could now play a mom with kids of her own. A three-way body swap between grandmother, mother, and daughter seems like a premise that could be great.

The Freaky Friday sequel is expected to begin production later this summer. According to THR, “it is unclear whether the feature will be released theatrically or debut on Disney+.”

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