If you listen to my radio show you hear me shout out nurses here in southeast Minnesota all of the time. They deal with so much that I could never handle and often times don't get the credit they deserve.

Today, they are getting some recognition in the form of free burritos! Keep scrolling to see how nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers here in the Med-City can score a free lunch or dinner at Chipotle.

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Why Are Healthcare Workers Getting Free Food

National Nurses Day is coming up on May 6th, but Chipotle wants to celebrate these hardworking heroes early by giving out 250,000 free burritos to nurses and healthcare workers starting at noon today.

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How To Get Your Free Food

Check this website to obtain a code to use to score a free burrito. The codes will be available at noon on Thursday, April 29th. According to USA Today, "To get this freebie, health care workers will have to confirm eligibility with ID.me, a verification service."

While you wait you can read the wall of gratitude which contains a bunch of really nice notes of appreciation from people all over the country. You can add your own message and tag a friend in the medical field on Chipotle's social media pages. Chris Brandt, Chipotle's Chief Marketing Officer, said in a press release, "Given the events of the past year, we are once again bringing our fans together to show appreciation for the heroic efforts of the healthcare community."

Rochester's Chipotles are located at 1201 Broadway Ave and 3780 Marketplace Dr. NW.

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