says Friday's Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse is really unique because it is "the longest partial lunar eclipse in more than half a millennium." Keep reading to find out how it got its name and when to see it here in Minnesota.

FYI, a total lunar eclipse happens when the entire moon passes through the earth's shadow. The Beaver Moon is only a partial eclipse so only a portion will darken as it passes through the shadow but the eclipse will last for several hours.

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Why Is It Called The Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse?

November is a good month to trap beavers according to the Farmer's Almanac and hunters would use the light of the full moon to set traps. So November's full moon earned the name Beaver Moon.

What Time Is The Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse?

Credit NASA JPL Caltech
Credit NASA JPL Caltech

NASA says the Beaver Moon partial lunar eclipse will be visible all around the world. Put on a pot of coffee because you'll need the extra caffeine to stay up for it. Here in the central time zone the eclipse will start a little after 1:00 AM Friday morning and peak at 3:00 AM.

 Is It Safe To Look Directly At A Lunar Eclipse?

Yes, no protective eyewear is needed. You can even use binoculars or a telescope to get a better look.

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