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Minnesota winters can be downright brutal, but our summers are actually pretty amazing. Road construction and mosquitoes are really the only things to complain about during the warm months. Unfortunately, potholes are always going to be a problem, but there might be something you can do to prevent getting eaten alive when you’re outdoors this summer.

We spend the cold months cooped up inside so it’s nice to get outdoors when the temps finally warm up here in Minnesota. Boating, hiking, biking, and camping are some of the most popular summer activities, but bugs can definitely ruin your good times.

Researchers at Virginia Tech University have announced the results of a recent study that shows how you can keep those pesky mosquitoes away this summer while you're enjoying the great outdoors.

New Research Shows How Minnesotans Can Prevent Mosquitoes From Biting

Allergies and insect bites concept. Person scratches her legs, which is itchy from a mosquito bite. Close up. Summer garden on the background
Ildar Abulkhanov

You've probably heard that wearing certain colors can attract the tiny blood suckers or that certain bug sprays work better than others. This study doesn't have anything to do with any of that. These researchers actually believe the secret might be in your shower.

According to NBC News, The VaTech study looked at people who washed with Dial, Dove, Native's coconut-scented soap and found that Dove and Simple Truth actually attracted more mosquitoes while the coconut-scented Native soap actually repelled them.

But, why? 

The theory is the coconut-smell tricks mosquitoes into thinking you're a plant.

Lead researcher, Clément Vinauger, told the NY Post: “It’s remarkable that the same individual that is extremely attractive to mosquitoes when they are unwashed can be turned even more attractive to mosquitoes with one soap, and then become repellent or repulsive to mosquitoes with another soap. I would choose a coconut-scented soap if I wanted to reduce mosquito attraction.”

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