It's one of my biggest pet peeves all year round, but especially during the winter...

So let me just ask on here nicely: TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS! PLEASE!

Nothing gets under my skin faster than seeing people driving without their headlights on. Whether it's early morning, dusk, rain, fog or even snowy conditions, there's always drivers on the road just flying all over the place with their lights off.

Honestly, I wish more state troopers, as well as local officials would enforce this law more often because I've almost been in accidents in the past before. It's scary business.

Plus, I've also seen pedestrians almost get smoked crossing the streets in downtown Rochester because people don't see the cars coming from drivers forgetting to turn on their damn headlights.

So here we go again: It's that time of year where it's going to be harder to see due to the weather, so the Minnesota State Patrol issued this friendly reminder via their Facebook page:

I can already hear people say, "What's the big deal? I can see just fine."


When you're a 2-ton white or grey missile flying across a road at high speeds without your lights on, you're basically a murder machine waiting to happen.

So please, just be mindful to turn your lights on every time you hop in your vehicle. Even if it's sunny and perfect outside, just get into the habit of doing it so that when the weather does turn bad, you won't forget and horrible things won't happen.

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