Mini Applesauce? Marble of America? What the heck is going on here?

If you're not familiar with Ryan, he's a comedian who's known for his viral videos on FunnyOrDie in which he plays a character who's had one too many red bulls called the "Overexcited Tourist". He jumps around to cities across the country all while reviewing what's cool and unique about them by being, you guessed it, overly excited.

Kind of like these videos of him in Chicago and Denver.

In his latest video we see the "Overexcited Tourist" visit Minneapolis... Watch it now below.


Despite mispronouncing everything (which is part of the joke) he did showcase several beautiful aspects of the city, like the Mississippi River, the MacPhail School of Music, Target Field, the Stone Arch Bridge, U.S. Bank Stadium and Nickelodeon World inside the MOA.

I'd honestly never heard of this guy before seeing this video, but I thought it was hilarious!

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