When I was out in downtown Rochester this past weekend, something caught my attention when I was at the counter paying my tab. There was a guy standing next to me having a conversation with a friend. Somehow, I ended up noticing that the nail on his left pointer finger was painted black. At the time, I assumed that it must be some random fashion trend I hadn’t heard about. Maybe he was a musician or something. I didn’t really give it much thought until today.

As it turns out, this guy might have painted his fingernail for a very good reason. But it starts with one unfortunate, horrible fact: That one child dies every 5 minutes from a violent act; most of which is caused by men.

That’s where the Polished Man Project comes in, and I’m assuming that’s what this guy was supporting. Their website describes what being a Polished Man means:

Being a Polished Man means you paint one fingernail and take a stand to protect the world’s most vulnerable; children.

You don’t shy away from difficult conversations or turn your back on an uncomfortable issue. You step up as a leader, because violence is never acceptable. You lead by example and use your influence to raise funds and awareness to end violence against children for good.

So basically, it’s a clever way to raise both awareness and funds to support victimized children. That seems worthy to me. Even Thor is doing it:

So come on, guys. If freaking Thor can paint his fingernail, so can you! Honestly, I think it does look pretty cool. And I can confirm that you don’t even need nail polish to do it:

Credit: TSM Rochester
Credit: TSM Rochester

…Permanent marker comes off easily, right?

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