The fun part of the holidays is shopping for gifts. I know I always dread the whole wrapping gifts.It takes a lot of time and every box isn't perfectly shaped. You have to get creative sometimes. I came across this video and wish that I had run across this sooner. Check out some of the great ideas that these people have come up with to make your life easier this holiday season.

1. First, off...using scraps to wrap a gift is super smart. I would have never ever thought of taking a piece of scrap paper and placing a gift diagonal to wrap it. I think by doing it that way you get a cleaner look when the present is done.

2. Tissue paper is kind of a waste... especially when you don't use all of it in one sitting. Repurposing the bag to shut with the strings is a genius idea. It takes seconds to do and give the gift a clean look!

3. For older folks, it can be hard to tear through the wrapping paper. By putting a tape tab, it's a win-win for everyone involved. It may take extra time to wrap the gift, but it will make grandma's life easier when she opens the new earing you bought her.

4. Did you know you can make a handle with ribbon while wrapping a gift? Well... you know now. All you need is some extra wrapping paper on one side and some ribbon and bam... you can make an easy to carry gift.

5. Another tip that I learned from this video... which I would have never thought of without the video... is folding the paper when you run out of tape. There have been so many times that I'm wrapping the last gift I have and all of a sudden I run out of tape. It's a good hack to know.

There are so many Christmas wrapping/ packaging hacks in this video, hopefully, you are able to use one are all of them this holiday season.

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