Camping season is officially here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our summers feel short which means we all soak in every single second and do all the summertime activities, including camping.

We are lucky to have so many great campsites in our neck of the woods. We are even luckier when you consider a recent report from KOA that says our interest in camping has really taken off over the past few years.

Camping Is Gaining Popularity

This report says that 'active camping households' have increased by about 63 percent. About a quarter of families consider themselves active campers.

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A delighted family toasting marshmallows on a fun camping trip

Needless to say, camping is a popular hobby and only getting more popular. You may be considering camping this summer but don't know where to start.

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Some family members of mine got a camper and gave it a test run over the weekend. They were prepared, even as first-time campers. That inspired me to do a little research for those in the same boat.

Group of diverse friends camping in the forest

Do you know what to pack? Do you know which type of clothes you should bring and how much water you should be drinking when taking on the great outdoors? You may not but we have you covered.

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Aspirus Health gathered some expert tips for beginners. These are tips that you can easily incorporate into your first camping trip without any stress or reworking of your plans.

Which ones did I miss? Happy camping season!

10 Camping Tips For Beginners In Minnesota + Wisconsin

According to a recent report from KOA, the number of households who consider themselves campers has soared in recent years. Want to try it out? Here are 10 camping tips from industry experts for beginners in our neck of the woods.

Gallery Credit: Lauren Wells

10 Things To Remember To Bring Camping

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