I'm not sure what took so long, but Oreos has announced a gluten-free cookie is coming soon. The announcement came in the form of a tweet that showcased the packaging and said, "Milk’s Favorite Cookie, now in a Gluten-Free version. Coming January 2021."

Gingerbread Oreos are in stores now too. The Impulse Buy website says, the original Gingerbread Oreo "was a standard Golden Oreo cookie filled with a gingerbread-flavored creme. The newest iteration is a gingerbread-flavored cookie filled with classic Oreo creme and crunchy sugar crystals." They gave these a thumbs up.

I'm not a fan of Gingerbread so I'll pass on those, but I can't get enough of the White Fudge Covered Oreos! Those are so addicting and available now for the holidays. Oreo is also selling OREO Double Stuf Winter Cookies with 5 Holiday Cookie Designs - These cookies have red creme but taste like a regular Oreo.

Did you know you can actually order custom Oreos? The cookie company's website lets you pick everything like what color the creme is, whether or not it's fudge dipped, you can add sprinkles, and upload a photo to be printed on each cookie. Learn more here.

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