There's been quite a bit of criticism about the newly released Beauty and the Beast (2017) live-action updated version of the acclaimed movie. Rotten Tomatoes has it ranked at 70%. The Disney animated version was a huge hit in 1991, raking in more than 425 million dollars in the US in its lifetime. The new live-action version has held its own, crushing the criticism with the very convincing Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. Opening weekend brought avid fans and new fans alike, helping to shatter records across the country, bringing in 104.1 million dollars in the US, which is a jaw dropping number. This is no surprise though - don't believe the critics, the movie is really, really good.

With scenes reminiscent of the animated version, you still get the nostalgia with some updated appeal. Belle's blue apron dress and yellow ball gown were both enhanced to fit the heroine dynamic of her character. Here's behind the scenes commentary from the costume designer.

You'll hear all the popular songs from the original movie with the vocal strengths of Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Emma Thompson and Audra McDonald. Ariana Grande and John Legend recorded an updated version of the "Beauty and the Beast" theme song. And of course, Celine Dion made it to the end credits with a new song, too.

My final thoughts on the movie: Go see it. I surprised my daughters with yellow Belle dresses, gave them roses and we had a picnic in the car before the movie. People are asking what age range this movie would be acceptable to attend; the movie is PG (parental guidance). I covered my youngest's eyes during the wolves scene.

The movie is remarkably incredible. I feel it's just as good as the animated version. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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