This sounds like a great deal if you're itchin' for a new hair style, you're in the Brooklyn area and really thirsty...

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There's one pub in Brooklyn, New York that's home to a doer who is finally doing something about the plague that is the man bun.

The co-owner of the local dive-bar Boobie Trap (love that name by the way) Kristen North had an interview with Brokelyn, and confirmed her bar is offering a "full bottle of booze" to anyone willing to chop off their bun in the bar.

"We'd film the amputation and pin the bun up on the wall," she said. "I don't think they're cute and just think I've seen way too many of them last season and want to help along a new style sensation."

While this has been posted since Christmas, unfortunately no one has reportedly taken her, or the bar up on their "special". Bummer!

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