Project Legacy will host its 4th annual “Grace in the Margins” event at B’Nai Israel Synagogue on Thursday, August 17 at 7pm.

“Journeys of Healing” will take the audience down the path of how youth experienced distinct and difficult paths related to struggle, growth, and healing. Karl Rist is slated to give the keynote. The event will raise funds to help youth in their journey’s out of poverty, incarceration, and addiction towards a vibrant and sustainable future for themselves and future generations.

For some background, Project Legacy provides unique, long-term support to Rochester youth of color ages 17-24 who are refugees, homeless, formerly gang-involved or recently incarcerated. 

The “Grace in the Margins” event is a valuable opportunity to hear directly from some of the community’s most vulnerable youth, while celebrating their remarkable journeys and the dedicated work of Project Legacy. More information here.

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