When you think of the Grinch of course you automatically think anti-holiday spirit, mean, likes to steal presents, that sort of thing. But this time, in Wisconsin, the Grinch was seen doing something pretty uncharacteristic.

There have been plenty of stories this year of the Grinch showing up in different places being... well, a grinch. One video that we have up on our app shows the Grinch stealing some kids' Christmas gifts. But that Grinch is like the Grinch at the beginning of the movie. This Grinch in Wisconsin I guess is kind of like the Grinch at the end of the movie.

The Grinch Delivers Pizzas in Wisconsin

Over in our neighboring state of Wisconsin the Grinch was spotted delivering pizzas! This happened in Wausau, Wisconsin and it was thanks to a Papa Murphy's general manager.

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ABC 9 in Wisconsin said that the store's general manager had come up with the idea to have a delivery driver dress up as the Grinch to deliver pizzas. The delivery driver that got to dress up this year is Donald. He said that "'it's good to see people get smiles on their face.'"

During lunchtime on Tuesday, Donald went out as the Grinch and made pizza deliveries. When people ordered online, they could specify that they wanted the Grinch to deliver the pizza. It sounds like a lot of the deliveries that the Grinch made on Tuesday were to locations with kids, who probably got a kick out of getting their pizza from the Grinch!

I think this was an awesome idea, props to the general manager for thinking of this.

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