The Better Business Bureau has issued warnings in the past about the dangers of Facebook quizzes, urging people to use caution when a quiz asks you to log in, provide an email, or hand over personal information. Now, Facebook is suing two Ukrainian men who are behind some of those quizzes.

The men created quizzes like, "Do you have royal blood?, "You are yin. Who is your yang?" and "What kind of dog are you according to your zodiac sign?" The Daily Beast first reported on the lawsuit, " Two Ukrainian men used online quizzes to lure more than 60,000 Facebook users into installing malicious browser extensions that exfiltrated their profile data and friends lists to offshore servers."

The hackers obtained Facebook users' information like their name, age range, profile picture, and their list of Facebook friends. CNN says "The defendants used access to users' browsers to inject unauthorized advertisements."

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