Football fans are all a little superstitious - some put on their favorite jersey before watching games, some have a lucky chair, some fly a flag on Sundays. NFL players are no different. ESPN just published a story on the best pre-game rituals for every team in the league and featured Harrison Smith from the Minnesota Vikings.

Smith says he's not always hungry before kickoff but forces himself to take a shot. "Before every noon kickoff, Smith eats the same pregame meal, starting with a cup of coffee, half of a plain bagel and a shot ... of Tabasco. The Pro Bowl safety downs a healthy-sized shot of hot sauce and sometimes skips actual sustenance altogether because it can be hard for him to work up an appetite before games."

Smith said he can't have too much coffee because it makes him cramp up but the Tabasco is a must, "It wakes me up... the hot sauce is mandatory."

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