Did you know there are several haunted sites in Rochester? If you are an avid fan of scoping out new haunted spots or simply enjoy getting spooked, you'll love this event. 

The Rochester Trolley is offering up haunted trolley rides. You'll board the trolley of doom at 7:30 p.m. at the City/County Government center parking lot this Friday, July 14. Another haunted trolley tour is slated for Friday, July 21, if you miss this one.

Many find Rochester a bit strange during the day; but after the sun goes down, the restless souls of the city's frightful past begin to stir. You will hear tales that have been all but forgotten as you travel to eerie graveyards and past some of the most historic -- and haunted -- buildings in our famed city, along with houses that hold on to the secrets of their former inhabitants. Experience how ruthless gangsters, tornadoes and floods, and gruesome murders -- stories both tragic and chilling -- have left their indelible marks on Rochester’s spirit world, past and present.

Here's an outline of some of the spooky stops:

  • Flooded Nursing Home
  • Phantoms of the Theater
  • 9/11 Hijacker Visit???
  • Eerie Avalon Hotel
  • Mayhem at Hilltop House Mansion
  • Indian Heights Park
  • Unmarked Graves on State Hospital Campus
  • Quarry Hill Park & Dead Man’s Bridge
  • Infamous Inmates & Federal Medical Prison
  • Former State Hospital Sites
  • Grave Site of First Man Emancipated by Abraham Lincoln
  • Oakwood & Calvary Cemeteries
  • Doc Moonlight Graham
  • Historic Downtown Buildings, including site of Mortuary/Undertaker
  • Kahler Grand Hotel & The Haunted Elevator
  • Pedestrian Subway Tunnels of Old Hospital Morgue
  • Historic Stoppel Farm
  • Pill Hill Haunted Houses and other Possessed Houses in the City

There will be a live Ghost Hunting demonstration from a local expert. You'll hear firsthand ghost-hunting accounts and you just might hear something from the other side.

Ready for a haunting good time? More details and tickets here.

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