This is a story about these :-)

The date was October 5th, 2016.  It was just like any other day in downtown Rochester, MN.  People were hustling and bustling.  Some were off to lunch.  Others were heading back to work.  As I approached the corner of 1st Ave and 4th St, I noticed something...I had never seen before.  I was standing in front of China Star and my eyes were drawn to a Honda Civic.  I'd seen thousands of Civics, but none like this.  It was covered with happy faces.  A feeling of joy spread over me.  I, quickly, snapped some pix on my iPhone.  I went back to work and thought nothing of it.  However, every night I kept finding myself going through my iPhone to find the pix.  I was drawn to those smiles...that happiness...and my curiosity got the best of me.  I did a google search and I found out some interesting things...

  • The car is famous.  It has been featured on site for and even has it's own Facebook page.
  • The car has a mission.  "My mission in life is to bring smiles to people all over the United States as I travel all over."
  • The car has participated in many parades included the MN State Fair, Chatfield, Eyota, and countless others.
  • The car enjoys a warm bath.
  • The car is owned by a sweet woman named Diane Hammel.

If this car makes you feel happy too, share this article with a friend.  I hope you enjoy some of the multi-media below.

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