This is something I normally don't do, so please hear me out.

When I was asked to go "Over the Edge" for Hiawatha Homes earlier this summer, I didn't hesitate, I just said yes. That's just how I'm wired, I guess. I like to help people. It doesn't matter if it's helping my friends move their houses in sweltering heat, or shoveling/snowblowing my 90-year-old neighbor's driveway after a snowstorm after I just spent 45 minutes or more to do my own, I'll do it because that's how I my parents raised me.

That's why I'm willing to do something that's completely out of my comfort zone by climbing down 120 feet for both the staff, and the clients at Hiawatha Homes. They're such a great organization that does so much good within our Rochester community, as they provide quality support services to people with disabilities at home and around town.

Every time I've met someone from Hiawatha Homes, they're genuinely kind and they always talk about how much their job means to them and the families they care for. It's truly awesome to hear time and time again and that's another reason why I have no problem putting my personal anxiety problems aside and taking a leap for these great men and women.

Now to my out-of-character request to you all who's still reading this article...

I made a pledge to help them raise $1000 to go Over the Edge with them, and as of this morning I'm still a tad shy of my goal. I'm not one to ever ask for money, but considering it's technically not for ME, I'm willing to change the rules a bit.

The truth is I've sacrificed a lot of my free time for several fundraisers around southeast Minnesota over the years and have also donated air time for many, many others. I've written dozens of blogs, made countless of appearances at events on my weekends off and I always try to go out of my way to help them spread their word and give them a platform when maybe they're not able to.

I would love it if Rochester, and all of my great listeners within southeast Minnesota came through for me when I need them to the most...

So if you can, toss me a Lincoln or two (which is a cup of coffee) and help me complete my mission for Hiawatha Homes as I step up to the edge, and rappel 120 feet down the US Bank Building for a worthy cause tomorrow morning at 11 AM in front of everyone attending Thursdays on First.

You can donate to my page HERE.

For any more information you can also visit

Thank you, and I'll see you on the ground!

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