My 6-year-old daughter found a broken high-heel and a ripped dollar bill. She called it a treasure. I didn't let her keep either one but we did have a lot of fun picking up litter around West Circle Drive the other day. Picking up other people's garbage isn't a glamorous task but it is rewarding and it's a great way to get a little exercise and some fresh air. We ended up walking 6.44 miles, doing countless squats, and filling 5 giant trash bags full of bottles, cans, cardboard, etc.

If you've driven anywhere around Rochester lately you've probably noticed a lot of trash. You see it every year after the snow melts, but a lot of it is gone by late spring thanks to some amazing people that live here. Since, Litter Bit Better’s first year in 2007, volunteers have collected over 140 tons of litter, and registration for this year's annual cleanup is now open.

Rochester's 2022 Litter Bit Better

The community cleanup event started in 2007 when two residents approached the mayor with the idea to build a trash mountain and "A Litter Bit Better" was born.


In the first year, more than 1,300 volunteers helped pick up over 20,000 pounds of trash. Since then over 140 tons of garbage have been removed from city streets, parks, ditches, etc.

Grab your family, your friends, or your coworkers signed up now for the annual "A Litter Bit Better" community cleanup event. This year’s event will be from April 30 – to May 8, and registration is now open.

Rochester's 2022 Litter Bit Better



You can collect litter anytime during that week. Trash and recycling bags are provided at no cost. RNeighbors says, "All you need to do is pick a location, pick a date, and pick it

Registration information, maps, and more can be found here.

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