Unless you're a die-hard fan of ghosts, goblins and anything pumpkin-spiced, then you're not gonna like what I'm about to say next.

Happy Halloween
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OK, so pumpkin spice has nothing to do with Halloween costumes, but I had to grab your attention somehow.

According to Jeff Kiger of the Post Bulletin, Halloween Express will be selling their monstrous merchandise to the masses sooner rather than later as the franchise has signed short-term leases for two Rochester stores... and they're due to open by mid-August.

Now I'll be the first to say that's too damn early. It's bad enough we see school supplies drop in stores by late June, early July... and don't get me started on Christmas! But come on, who's thinking about playing dress-up during the dog days of summer?

But in case you are stoked of the news, once Rochester Feed and Country Store moves to its new location, the south Halloween Express location will invade 5 11½ St. SE at the corner of South Broadway and U.S. 14.

The other location on the north side of town will be at 32 17th Ave. NW in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center.

However, the retailer plans to only have the stores open on the weekends, and then slowly ramp things up as we build toward October 31.

How early is too early to gear up for our favorite holidays? Let us know below...

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