Let's face it... we're all guilty of letting this happen at least once in our lifetime! 

They're called "Man's best friend" for a reason, and you love them just like you would a family member, because that's what they are to us - family.

I mean, we've all let our dog kiss us on the mouth at one point or another. It's an innocent act of affection that lets them show us they love us, and for the most part it seems harmless.

But what we don't realize is all the health issues that come with it:

See what I mean? Gross right?

Now granted, not everyone will succumb to such things like E. Coli, ringworm, staph infection and MRSA. But this is certainly a teaching moment to maybe back off on some of those wet kisses from our four-legged friends so this can never happen to any of us.

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