Last week News Talk 1340 KROC-AM reported that Olmsted County announced an agreement with Seneca to purchase the approximately 11 acres of the land adjacent to Graham Park for $5.6-million. A move that will preserve the historic corn cob water tower and "provide an opportunity to better serve residents through affordable housing and transit." A final purchase agreement is expected to come up for a vote by the Olmsted County Board next Tuesday.

Olmsted County Commissioner Mark Thein doesn't think it's a good idea at all. He took to Facebook to say, "I cannot pretend that I believe it is a good idea for Olmsted County to use YOUR TAX DOLLARS to purchase the Seneca Canning Factory site."  Thein used his social media page to explain how much you'll be paying for this land purchase, "I want you to look at your property tax statement and realize that 10% of what you pay to Olmsted County in a year will be going towards this purchase. A small $120,000 retired person's home near Silver Lake will be paying approximately $60.00 towards this purchase. A nice $350,000 home will be paying about $192.00 towards this purchase. A $1.2 million dollar SW Rochester large home will pay about $772.00 towards this purchase."

The Olmsted County Commissioner explained how you can check how much you'll be paying. He urged people to, "go to - find your house/farm/business, click on it, click the parcel # and then click "Truth In Taxation" on the left. Once you find how much you pay in property taxes to Olmsted County, take 10% of - that's your share of this purchase."

Read Thein's full post below:

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