Driving home from work yesterday I noticed a house that had a half-dozen or so purple pumpkins displayed on the front porch. I've seen teal pumpkins and know those are used to let people know the homeowners are handing out non-candy treats for families with kids that have food allergies, but this was the first time I've seen purple pumpkins. So I searched online to find out what the painted pumpkins were all about.

Good Housekeeping has an article that says people are using purple pumpkins to let trick-or-treaters know they're taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. That's not the only reason you might see some purple pumpkins this year though. The Epilepsy Foundation says "over 3.4 million people live with epilepsy in the United States. Our Purple Pumpkin Project raises money to assure them that they are not alone."

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Close to 60% of people still plan on celebrating Halloween this year according to the National Retail Foundation. They say the average American will spend a little over $92 on costumes, decorations, and candy.

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