I can't be the only person who's ever wondered this, am I?

Wendy's Treats ACM Party For A Cause Festival Attendees To Fresh Made Salads
Photo by Rick Kern/ Getty Images for Wendy’s

Virtually every fast food restaurant has potatoes on their menu, but they’re always done the same way: French fried. But at Wendy’s, you have two choices. Did you know the burger chain serves up one million baked potatoes every week?? Each potato weighs in at about 11.5 ounces before adding toppings, according to Thrillist.

But why is Wendy’s the only chain serving them up?

Turns out it’s pretty expensive to bake potatoes in a fast food kitchen as the chain bakes their potatoes in an oven for an hour just like we would at home. Speaking of ovens, they're a newer convection oven that make it possible to sling the 'tators out quickly to their customers in a timely fashion - and they are NOT cheap.

Also, since Wendy’s already has the corner on that potato market, hardly anyone is willing to challenge them. Pretty sweet.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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