It's a hard thing not to do, but after you read the reasons why you'll think twice before you get the urge to do it again.

We're so lucky to have such a beautiful park at Silver Lake. After I first moved to town in 2005, I met a blind date there and was immediately impressed by how clean everything was around the lake and the surrounding area. I've brought my daughter there a few times recently just so she can appreciate everything as well, but if there's one thing she always wants to do: it's feed the ducks and the geese.

Unfortunately I have to break her heart every time because that's a big no-no. According to the Rochester, Minnesota Stormwater management website, they say the practice of feeding geese not only grossly promotes the production of excessive amounts of feces, but it also can cause disease among flocks. All that dirty water can really harm the animals and nobody wants that.

Some simple actions to prevent animal waste from contaminating our lakes and streams include:

  • Picking up after your pet and dispose of waste in the trash
  • Carrying poop bags when out on walks
  • Not feeding wildlife

I'll do my best to distract my daughter on our next walk if you promise to resist the urge to feed the animals also!

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