Would you give up technology for a weekend if you could make $1,000?  It's not just a question, it is actually a job that you could get right now.

SatelliteInternet.com posted a dream job opportunity that one lucky person is going to win.  The job posting says, "Get Paid $1,000 to Digitally Detox in an RV".  It's pretty simple.  You stay in an RV at a US National Park and disconnect from all technology for two days.  Yes, all technology.

Job Requirements:

  • Eligible to work in the US
  • 25 years or older
  • Able to drive legally in any state you travel through

If you are up for the challenge and to earn an extra thousand bucks, fill out the job application here.  The winner of the job will be picked on September 23rd, 2020 at 11:59pm (MDT).

You rent the RV and get to the National Park of your choice and you'll get $400 upfront. Stay off the grid for 2 full days and on day 3, get on a hotspot or find a wifi connection and tell about your experience.  Once you finish up, you'll get the rest of your payment.

At first, it sounds like a dream job.  I'm not a huge camper but I'd take $1,000 to hang out at a gorgeous National Park, especially after these last few months.  So many of us are stuck on devices all day doing Zoom calls chatting with co-workers on Microsoft Teams.  Taking a well-deserved vacation is what we all need as we are living life in the middle of a pandemic.  But, no technology means you can't take any selfies as you are seeing Old Faithful or standing by the vastness of the Grand Canyon.

Are you up for the challenge or do you have another dream job in mind?  Let me know on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio).

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