Target has come up with yet another way to make us love shopping there!

Last winter, I got a job working part-time at the north Target and it was awesome. The people who work there are friendly and deeply care about their shoppers. While it was supposed to be a seasonal gig for me, I recently applied back for it last month and have been a part of a major store re-model there. Perhaps you've noticed some of the makeover while making your latest Target run?

But that's not the only changes the store, let alone the company has been making... They’re now selling a whole new line of sensory-friendly children’s clothing.

That means your kids won't have to deal with those annoyingly rough tags or seams that constantly irritate them.

According this article from TODAY, the company announced plans to expand their Cat & Jack line of kids’ clothes to include the sensory-friendly items. This is great for all kids, but especially those with sensory processing disorder, which makes dealing with bright colors, loud sounds, and rough materials extremely uncomfortable for them.

"The pieces include heat-transferred labels in place of tags, flat  seams, and one-dimensional graphic tees, all designed to minimize  discomfort when in contact with the skin. The pieces are based on existing Cat & Jack styles, combining both fashion with function ... all at affordable prices."

For now, the sensory-friendly clothes are being sold exclusively on Target's website. While they don’t have a huge selection yet, it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

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