There are plenty of amazing and beautiful homes across Minnesota and across the country. There are also plenty of homes worth millions of dollars. But there are only a few that have won an award from HGTV.

If a house has won an award from HGTV you know the owners have done something right with the house. They're not just going to hand over an award to just any house.

This home in Wayzata won an award from HGTV in 2019. What's even better is that the home won the award based on a fan vote. So it wasn't even some experts coming in to over-analyze everything. This was fans of HGTV who truly thought this home deserved this award.

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That home is now for sale and is listed at $2.475 million. Let's take a little photo tour and talk about the award that it won!

Beautiful Award-Winning Minnesota House has Hit the Market for $2.5 Million

A beautiful home in Wayzata, Minnesota has hit the market for $2.5 million. It's not just a pretty house, it also won an award from HGTV a few years ago.

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A beautiful home that was built in the late 1800s in St. Paul, Minnesota is currently for sale. It has been preserved in the best way and updated to fit the period the home was built in. It's amazing!

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