Any parent with kids that play hockey knows there is a certain odor that develops and worsens as the season goes on. Yes, you can wash their gear after every practice or game. If you don't have time to do that has some tips to help eliminate or at least minimize the odor.

  1.  Air it out! You should never let gear set in a duffel bag for extended periods of time.
  2.  Hang it up! The gear will dry quicker when hung.
  3.  Get "Sport Sense"!  Minnesota Wild equipment manager Matt Benz told the website, “After each home Wild game, we go around and spray the equipment with a freshener. We use a product called Sport Sense that can be found at hockey stores. Ask for it at your local shop or order online. It is a spray that smells nice and also has an antimicrobial solution in it to kill most bacteria. Very effective.”

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