There are so many ways to get into the holiday spirit right in your backyard. This past weekend we had the Here Comes Santa Claus event in Downtown Rochester, MN, there are Christmas markets popping up across southeast Minnesota, and decorations everywhere! There's also a Rochester business bringing back their horse-drawn sleigh rides for the holidays.

Take a Sleigh Ride in Rochester, MN

Hopefully there will be enough snow on the ground when this event comes around to make it even more magical! You and your party get into a sleigh and horses pull you around on a little adventure. Your kids would totally love it and I bet you will too. Let's be honest, I'd love it, so.

horses running with the winter sleigh on the road
Ciprian Miresan
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Where to Take a Sleigh Ride in Rochester, MN

If you've seen this event before you probably know where it's being hosted. Forager Brewery is the one who holds the event. They have a team bring their horses to the brewery for a few hours and people who have purchased tickets get to take a ride.

Tickets are only $2 per person, a super good deal! This is only taking place on Sunday, December 18th between 10 AM and 3 PM. When you buy tickets you'll be prompted to choose a time to do your sleigh ride. They ask that you show up to Forager 5 minutes early to make sure the sleigh leaves on time.

Like I said, hopefully there's snow on the ground for the event. With the snow we're expecting tomorrow I'd think we would. Actually, the event would be even better if it was snowing WHILE you're on the sleigh ride!

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