If you've never met Joel Kimball, you're going to wish you did. Especially if you're an avid fan of salsa. Hot salsa. Kimball is the mastermind behind his salsa series Salsa Del Diablo. His creations can be found anywhere from Hy-Vee to other retailers. I wrote about him in January after trying Satan's Tears, one of his hottest salsas. It literally did bring tears to my eyes, tears of joy. It's kinda hard to find truly hot spicy foods in Minnesota. I have friends that think salt is a bit too much. But considering I hail from the southern part of this country and my grandparents raised us on hot spicy foods, I enjoy discovering hot stuff in this state.

Kimball swung by the studio to have us try his newest concoctions. Scotty Matthews and I gave it a taste and it is good. It was neat trying to different versions of the same salsa and being able to give our opinions on which we felt was better. You can expect Salsa Del Diablo's newest addition to come out with some fierceness. A blended mix of fire roasted hotness will certainly peak the palate.

My favorite is Pineapple Mango, it's got a real kick to it. What's your favorite hot salsa? Post on our Facebook page and let us know.

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