Um, hello brilliant idea. Who wouldn't want to snuggle a dog while on vacation? When you stay at Home2 Suites by Hilton in D'lberville, Mississippi, you have the option to foster a dog while you stay. Take them for walks, hang out with them, or even snuggle them overnight. And the best part of all, if you fall in love, you can even adopt them through the hotel.

The guests were missing something, I could see it. They were missing home, and they were missing animals. I thought, 'why can't we put the two together?' - Teresa Johnston, director of sales at the hotel.

According to Insider, the hotel takes in one foster dog at a time through a program called Fostering Hope. The program has helped 60 dogs find homes since its inception in 2018. Why aren't all hotels doing this?! LOVE!

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