Rochester city officials have been flooded with calls from citizens reporting residents and businesses that aren’t complying with the mask mandate that went into effect last week. So, the city has launched a COVID-19 to field these calls. Anyone that wants to make a report can call 507-328-2822. Employees from the Library will answer the calls and pass the complaint info along to the public health department.

Rochester City Councilman Michael Wojick told KAAL News, " The reason we set that up is because we were getting so many calls related to COVID-19 that it was sometimes overwhelming to 911 calls so we tried to direct them to a different place. To be clear, our goal is not to use this as enforcement but rather talk to these businesses, and educate them about why masking is so important.”

Violating the order is not a criminal offense, but anyone that isn't wearing a mask and refuses to leave a business or other indoor public setting could be cited for trespassing. Businesses that aren't following the order could face administrative actions related to their city-issued licenses.


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