Is there anything worse than waiting in line when you're super hangry?

I think not. Whether it's a planned meal with family, or a spur-of-the-moment dash for food with friends, I absolutely hate pulling into a packed parking lot with the thought of having to put your name on the restaurants waiting list in hopes it doesn't go longer than 10-15 minutes!

Plus, now that I have a kid, my anxiety goes even higher because I've got a ticking time-bomb that could explode at any minute from "starvation"...

That's why I'm excited to share that Google is rolling out a new feature to help you avoid those long waits at restaurants, and you don't even have to mess with downloading another app to clog up your already packed phone!

The feature is built right into the regular search engine, so anyone can easily navigate your way around the web.

Just Google a restaurant, bar or pub and you'll get an estimated wait time along with the results. (See picture below)

Here's what it looked like when I looked up Newts here in Rochester:

TSM Screenshot
TSM Screenshot

Some businesses will also give you a Live look into what's happening as well!

So give this a shot next time your mother-in-law randomly stops by unannounced and wants to go out to eat. You'll be happy you knew about this neat feature so there won't be as many awkward silences throughout your night.

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