If I could, I would adopt all animals up for adoption. I have such a soft spot for animals but not only do I not have the space, the money, or the time to take care of all animals, but it would also be illegal for me to own that many pets in Rochester, Minnesota.

I'm always wanting to adopt another pet. It could be a dog one day, another cat another day, and a hamster another day. It's become especially dangerous now that my husband and I are volunteering with the dogs as well as the cats at Paws and Claws Humane Society here in Rochester. But there is a legal limit on the number of pets you're allowed to own.

 How Many Pets Can You Own in Rochester, MN?

According to Rochester city law on animal regulations, "No person shall keep nine or more multiple animals over the age of six months within any household in the City of Rochester. The term 'multiple animals' means two or more cats, dogs or ferrets."

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So the short answer is that you're not allowed to have more than eight pets over 6 months old. However, this number is different when it comes to dogs. The law continues, saying "no person shall keep six or more dogs over the age of six months within any household in the City of Rochester." My understanding is that means you can, for example, own 7 cats and 1 dog but you can't own 7 dogs and 1 cat.

On top of the limit to the number of pets you're allowed to have in Rochester, there's also a list of animals that are illegal to have as pets at all. Keep scrolling for that list.

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Animals You Aren't Allowed to Have as a Pet in Rochester, Minnesota

Below are the animals that we are not allowed to own as pets here in Rochester, Minnesota according to the City of Rochester Code of Ordinances under Sec. 3-1-4. - Prohibited wild animal.

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