Do you have any idea how much you spend on recurring bills each month? I have an idea, but I don't know the exact amount. Most of the time, I don't even see my bills. I have everything set up for autopay with my credit card which is nice because I earn some great cash back rewards and only have to worry about that one bill each month.

Doxo provides a similar service. They help people manage all of their bills in one place. The company says, "Americans spend $3.12 trillion annually across ten primary bill payment categories." Those categories include recurring payments like a person's mortgage, gas bill, electric bill, car payment, etc. Below you'll see what the average resident in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa pays each month on these bills.

The United States of Bill Pay

Doxo's annual "State By State Bill Pay" report ranks each state in the country based on how much residents pay each month for the ten most common bills.

The largest bill a person will pay each month is their mortgage/rent followed by auto loans, utilities, auto insurance, health insurance, cable/internet, cell phone, alarm/security, and life insurance. The average American spends $2,003 each month for these services and products.

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Hawaii is the most expensive state. Hawaiians spend $2,911 each month on those bills. West Virginia is the least expensive state with the average resident spending $1,452.

Below you'll see where the states here in the upper-Midwest ranked and you'll know if your monthly spending is above or below average.

How Much Does The Average Minnesotan Pay For Household Bills?

Minnesota is the 19th most expensive state according to this report.


In Minnesota, the average person will spend $1,967 paying these bills each month. That's roughly 33% of their household income.

Some cities pay more, some pay less.

Rochester residents pay more than the national average. If you live in the Med-City you are paying $2,051 each month.

Meanwhile, residents of Austin, Minnesota pay less than the national and state average. The people of Austin are paying $1,692 on these bills.

How Much Do People in Wisconsin Pay For Household Bills?

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People in Wisconsin spend 38% or their monthly household income, or $1,916, paying these bills.

Some cities pay more, some pay less.

Residents in La Crosse pay $2,161 each month which is about 54% of their household income. People living in Delavan, Wisconsin are below the state average with a monthly bill total of $1,778.

How Much Do People in Iowa Pay For Household Bills?

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Iowa is the cheapest state in our area when it comes to these common bills. The Hawkeye state ranked 32nd in the county.

The average Iowa Resident spends $1,784, or roughly 36% of their household income,   on these recurring bills.

Some cities pay more, some pay less.

People living in Spencer, Iowa are well below that average. Residents there are only paying $1,351 each month on these bills. Iowa City residents spend more than the statewide average with their bills totaling $2,070 each month.

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