I'm shocked I discovered this secret before my spouse, or even Samm Adams for that matter!

My wife is constantly on Pinterest wasting time and finding new DIY projects we'll never be brave enough to attempt ourselves, or even digging up new recipes for us to try...

However, despite the clever blog title I came up with, I'm here to tell you that this mind-blowing idea was NOT found on Pinterest... but on Facebook instead!

I may have discovered (along with the person who actually posted about it first) one of the premiere inventions in the history of all history - Lids that have built-in lids inside of them!

OK, I may have embellished a bit earlier on how amazing these are, but seriously - How cool are these things?

Gladd has marketed the product with the built-in cap storage and yet so many of us still completely missed it.

Ugh, this is going to make packing your lunch so much easier! Put some pita chips in the larger container and hummus in the little one. Boom, done! My wife says she could have been packing serving-sized dollops of dressing with her salads this whole time.


You can buy them on Amazon or at Walmart!

You can now go about your lives again. That is all, and you're welcome.

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