The Rochester Fire Department has issued a snow removal warning. Mother Nature dumped more than 6 inches of wet and heavy snow in the Rochester area. I was outside for less than a half hour and burned nearly 200 calories. Even as a strong athletic person, it's quite the challenge.

Some kids love to shovel next to mom or dad. Depending on how young the child is, this snow may be a bit too heavy for a kid. Injuries are likely when children use a shovel the wrong way or use them during play instead of for shoveling snow.

The Rochester Fire Department recommends never using a snow blower with kids OR pets near you. If your driveway is like mine, you'll find chunks of ice under all that snow. The blower can propel hard objects with great force.

They also recommend that you listen to your body and don't over do it. According to a study by the US Nationwide Children's Hospital, every winter 100 people die from cardiac issues when shoveling snow.

Here are some other warnings from the Rochester Fire Department:

  • If you experience shortness of breath, arm pain or chest pain, stop all activity and sit or lie down. Call 9-1-1.
  • Be sure to turn snow blowers off, or disconnect the power take off that makes the blades turn, before doing any work on the snow blower. It is imperative that you keep your hands and feet away from the augers and blades on operating snow blowers.
  • Shut off the snow blower before trying to unplug a clogged snow blower. The risk of injury is great and happens faster than you can react.


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