It's brutally cold. We spent the past several days without seeing an above zero temp here in Rochester. While you may feel like you're neglecting your pups by NOT taking them for a walk, just how safe is it for them to be out there? 

Khuno and Mika vs snow

I have two very different dogs. One is a freeze baby with light fur. Thirty seconds in this cold, and she's done with it. She shivers and we put a sweater on her this time of year.

As for the ball of fluff that we call Khuno, he's the complete opposite. He LOVES snow. He is an American Eskimo after all. BUT, even Khuno is not digging this weather.

Keep this in mind, if YOUR cold, THEY'RE cold. Here are some other tips to keep your pets safe in this nasty weather.


  • 1

    SHORT Walks

    You may feel like you're neglecting them, but taking them outside in this is not the answer. If you need to take them out, keep the walks short.

    According to Paws and Claws Manager Tanya, if left outside, pets can get frostbite or even freeze to death. By law, if your dog or cat must live outside, you must provide adequate shelter and bedding.

  • 2

    Wash and Dry Your Pet’s Paws

    Wash off any ice or salt immediately. Check the pups paws pads for cracks or redness between the toes. If they do have cracks, petroleum jelly will help.

    You can also buy booties for the dog to wear outside to protect them from all the elements.

  • 3

    Avoid Antifreeze and Coolant

    We all like to jump into a nice warm car before work or school, but be on the lookout for leaks, especially if it happens where your dogs/cats will be. According to PCHS, antifreeze is sweet and will attract dogs. It is lethal if ingested.

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