You read that right, you can make those delicious golden fries yourself!

My wife and I LOVE McDonald’s french fries! I mean, who doesn’t?

Because today's National French Fry Day, I stumbled across this video where you can make your own McDonald’s french fries at home:

Yikes, that’s a LOT of work!  On second thought, maybe I’ll just drive to the nearest golden arches and spend the money to get some…

But that got me thinking: where do you go to get your french fry fix?

While McDonald's are easily accessible and can be found everywhere in Rochester, my wife and I try to support local as much as possible and there's a ton of places in town to get a good basket of fries.

Take our poll below and let us know who has the best fries in Rochester, and please fill in a business that we maybe forgot or couldn't fit into our list:

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