In the year 2017, it's almost impossible to NOT see someone with a smartphone in their hands.

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Both the young and the old are surrounded by these devices that can connect to infinite information through their fingertips. Heck, my God-son was a master at navigating his dad's smartphone and tablet when he was just a year old! He knew how to swipe around and open Netflix and everything.

But how young is too young? According to this article by the Coloradoan, one Colorado man has decided that age 13 seems like a fair cutoff.

Tim Farnum, who's the founder of Parents Against Underage Smartphones, or PAUS, is leading the charge on a proposed ballot initiative in Colorado that would be the first of its kind in the country.

His proposal would ban the sale of smartphones to parents who intend to give it to kids under the age of 13.

In fact last fall, the American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines for children's media use, including smartphones. You can read those HERE.

So what do you think: Where should the cut-off be when it comes to children using smartphones?

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