Places in Rochester, Minnesota where you can buy something for $1

What can you buy for a $1 anymore?  Quite a bit!  Rochester, Minnesota has a bunch of shops with dollar deals that are just waiting for you to find.  Some require a little hunting on your part but the deals are there!

Years ago, I worked as a manager at a retail store and before that worked for JCPenny's.  I saw how much the bills were for a pair of Levi's and knew that what we were charging was, well, quite a bit more.  Since my days in retail, I refuse to pay full price for clothing or toys and am always looking for deals.  This has rubbed off on my kids a bit too because now I've got one who is all into thrifting.

If you are looking for deals and have $1 or a few to spare, check out these spots that have great discounts waiting for you.  (These are also great for your kids who just got a few bucks from grandma and now the money is burning a hole in their pocket!)

11 Places Where You Can Buy Something for a $1 in Rochester

Your kids have saved up all of their coins in their special jar or piggy bank and today is the day they want to spend their money! Only problem is, they've only got a handful of change and it might add up to a few bucks so where do you take them shopping? Here are a few spots in town where you or your kids can find a few treasures for just $1.

Where do you love to find deals in Rochester?

Where do you love to shop for deals?  I'd love to hear about the treasures you've found thrifting.  Send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or over on Instagram.

Top spots where women love to shop in Rochester

Some days you may just need to do a little window shopping or hang out with your girlfriends.  If you love girl's outings, check out these top spots that women love to shop at in Rochester.

Top Shops in Rochester Where Women Love To Shop

Some stores you have to shop at because someone drags you there. Other stores are like a little oasis of paradise for your soul. According to women, there are quite a few of these stores that will fill your heart full of happy in Rochester. And here they are...

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