I cry your mercy, seven pivys?! Ok, I can only talk like a Knight for so long lol... There is an incredible castle for sale in Minneapolis that you MUST see! With six bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and more than 10,000 square feet of history it's as unique as they come. It was built in 1903 and sits across the park from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I'm just waiting for the furniture to start singing and watch a beauty fall in love with a beast! Seriously, just look at the staircase and tell me you don't agree.

I was actually surprised by the price of this diamond in the rough. It's less than $2-million. I expected it to be so much more. I mean how often does a castle go on the market in Minnesota? Just saying!

Knights Dictionary:

Huzzah! - Hooray

Pivy - Toilet

I cry your mercy = I beg your pardon.

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