Last weekend seemed to go by in lightening speed. I was busy catching up on laundry that had piled up from weeks of neglect due to attending college full-time while working full-time. Needless to say,  I am still working on the mountain of laundry but during a pause to check the mail on Sunday (cause, who really checks it on Saturday?!). I saw a red envelope addressed to my youngest daughter and in the return address it said "The North Pole".

I stood in my entryway perplexed. I had no recollection of sending a letter to Santa on behalf of my kids. I was pretty sure that neither of my kids would have either. I examined the envelope closely. It was stamped in Kansas City, Mo. I tried to think of who it could have been that lives there that I know. I didn't recognize the handwriting. I wondered who would have done this, as I called for my youngest daughter to come open up the envelope. I've never seen a kid so excited. She couldn't believe she got a letter from Santa! And neither could I. The letter is truly remarkable and full of Christmas magic. You'll have to see it for yourself. Read it below:

Danielle Teal/TSM

Do you believe in Santa? After this, I don't have a doubt in my mind that he exists. He exists in every single kind thoughtful act that occurs. I am so thankful that someone sent this letter to my daughter. It was truly magical to witness the magic of Christmas happen before my eyes.

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