*This isn't a sponsored story.* Blue Apron isn't paying me to write kind things about them. I was just really impressed by the quality of the food and how easy it was to prepare so I thought I'd share my experience and tell you how to try it for free.

I'm skeptical about pretty much everything so I didn't get my hopes up too high when I decided to try Blue Apron, but I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh the ingredients were and how easy the recipes were to follow. You start by customizing your menu on their website then a shipment of ingredients arrives at your door.  Everything is pre-measured when it arrives so all you have to do is following the cooking instructions. I'm not a chef but I was able to create several restaurant quality meals that everyone in our family loved.

I'd recommend the service to family and friends! You can enter to win a $120 Blue Apron gift card + a $300 cash card on our contest page here.

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