If you've never seen the Weinermobile in person this might be the week to check it out.

That's because the much beloved Oscar Mayer Weinermobile will make a handful of stops in Wisconsin.

Starting on Wednesday the hot dog on wheels will be in Milwaukee for a "Meat" and Greet at The Brewhouse Inn and Suites from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Here's the rundown for the rest of the stops:

  • Thursday 12/7 at Sendik's Wauwatosa from 11a-2p.
  • Thursday, 12/7 at Sendik's Elm Grove 3p-6p.
  • Friday 12/8 at Sendik's Mequon 3p-6p.
  • Saturday 12/9 at Sendik's Hartland 10a-12p.
  • Saturday 12/9 at Sendik's Germantown from 1p-3p.
  • Sunday 12/10 at Sendik's West Bend from 11a-2p
  • Sunday 12/10 at Sendik's Grafton from 3p-6p.

Lastly, and the one that probably makes the most sense if you're reading this and you live in the Rockford area is this stop:

Verona, for "Drive Day to LA, CA" from 9a to 5p at 560 East Verona Avenue.

Weinermobile Cruising To Janesville and Madison, Unsurprisingly Skipping Rockford
matthewstreet via Twitter

I am unsure what Drive Day to LA, CA means but I guess it might have something to do with someone getting ready to embark on a very long drive to either California or Louisiana or something altogether different.

Either way, the Weinermobile isn't in the area very often so this might be a great chance to get a pic of you with it before it gets too cold.

Oscar Meyer Looking For Weinermobile Drivers In Wisconsin
Oscar Mayer via Instagram

If you love the Weinermobile, don't forget, Oscar Mayer is always looking for "hot doggers" to drive the thing around.

If you're interested, apply HERE.

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