This was one of the wildest sequences on The Price is Right - Ever!

And that's saying something after a contestant set a new Plinko record back in May!

After Friday's episode, I think the Big Wheel could easily be renamed the "Wheel of Fortune". It's just too bad that name is already taken because this was insane:

FIVE. IN. A .ROW?! I've watched this three times, and I still can't believe what happened!

So here's a quick break down in case you're brain is still reeling from all the excitement: Because this is Drew Carey's 10th season hosting the show, anyone who lands on $1.00 while spinning the wheel gets $10,000. So after all those spins, that's $80,000 won in a matter of minutes.

According to CBS, it was the most money ever spun on the wheel. Add in the fact that every contestant on the show won their pricing game's too and Friday's episode will go down in Price is Right history.

Is anyone else looking up ways to fly out to LA for an episode, or is just me?

  • ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Goes Bonkers After Setting Plinko Record

    The Price Is Right‘s history-making moment from May 25ths episode might prove to be — yes — priceless.

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