During the regular season, we have a simple rule at my house: You're silent during the game, and may talk only during the commercials. But on Super Sunday, the exact opposite happens.

I'm not joking, we take our Super Bowl commercials pretty seriously!

The last couple years have been so-so, if not disappointing as far as the ads have gone, and that's a bummer considering how much businesses pay for them (roughly $5 million for a 30 second spot)!

But this year I feel like they got a little better. So I went ahead and collected all of this years Super Bowl 51 ads for your enjoyment, just in case you may have missed any while grabbing another plate of food or needed a quick bathroom break:

There's a few others, but you can watch those HERE, along with all the upcoming movie trailers HERE.

So which one was your favorite?

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    Was Plainview Featured in a Super Bowl Commercial?


    We received several calls confirming that it was the Plainview store. According to locals, the gas station was shut down for a day and a half when camera crews took it over a few months ago! You can watch it HERE.

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